Hope Gardens at the Science Expo

If you couldn’t BEE at the Science Expo, here’s what you missed!

Once again, Hope Gardens joined the UNC Science Expo on April 9th for another year of interactive and educational fun! This free event welcomes people to learn and experiment with a range of topics in STEM. Hope Gardens centered our exhibit on spreading awareness about the significance of bees.

The event was a blast as we had fun showing people the steps involved in harvesting honey and letting them try out the equipment used in the process, including trying on a real beekeeper suit! People also got a taste of our delicious wildflower honey harvested from the hive at the garden! We currently have two hives that hold around 40,000 bees each and is maintained organically. But, if you couldn’t make it out to the expo, don’t worry! We just harvested more honey that will be up for sale! You could also come to the garden at 2200 Homestead Rd, Chapel Hill on a Saturday workday and ask to check out our hive. As always, workdays are 10-12pm and open to everyone!

Most importantly, however, is at that families, kids, and people of all ages were able to see how essential bees are as pollinators and producers of the honey we love at this event. Unfortunately, they are declining at alarming rates, due in part to industrial agriculture and the use of bee-killing pesticides. To ensure that we protect these amazing creatures, consider buying local, organic honey, avoiding pesticide use, and planting bee-friendly flowers (learn more about bees here).