First Workday of the Semester!

Hope Gardens kicked off the first official workday of the school year on Saturday, August 27th. We had a great turnout including not only some familiar faces but also a ton of new people as well. Shout-out to all the first-timers who joined us on Saturday - we hope you enjoyed yourself and will see you again soon! As is our custom here at HG, we began the day by circling up for introductions and answering the icebreaker question: “What fruit or veggie would you ride into battle?” A tomato? A radish? A pineapple, perhaps? Here at Hope Gardens, we take our produce VERY seriously.

A lot was accomplished during the workday, and we thank everyone who came out to help! Progress was made on the construction of the fence that keeps Woody (our resident groundhog) and other wildlife from nibbling on our produce. Other tasks included weeding between the community garden plots and laying down mesh to prevent future weeds from popping up. A community gardener helped us out by hosing the weeds down first to make them easier to pull out, but by the end of the day, everybody wanted a “garden hose shower” to knock off the summer heat. In the midst of gardening, we also spotted a small bunny hopping through the plots before it dashed out of sight. Probably not the best thing for our plants, but great for getting your daily dose of cuteness!


The workday wrapped up with a quick seed workshop where gardeners had the opportunity to plant cucumbers and green beans. As someone who knows very little about successfully growing things, I was amazed that the two types of seeds were planted in different ways. The green beans were planted in a straight row about 1 inch apart from each other, while the cucumber seeds were planted in a zig-zag formation with 3-4 seeds per hole. As a novice gardener, I love that I’m always learning something new at workdays! It’s not only fun but also a great way to expand your own gardening knowledge. With a little luck, the tiny seeds we planted Saturday will be producing fresh veggies in just a couple of months!

As I got ready to leave, I took a quick walking tour of the garden to see what our community gardeners are growing. Below are some pictures of the beautiful and delicious things taking root at Hope Gardens right this second.

Want to see if you have a green thumb? Wishing you could see our beautiful garden firsthand? Join us at our next workday on Saturday, September 10th!

Love what we do but don’t want to get your hands dirty?

Our general body meetings will be held every Monday at 7:15 pm in 1789 Venture Lab starting September 12th. We hope to see you there!