To support a sustainable community and to increase the number of underrepresented people interested and engaged in sustainable agriculture.


Through gardening activities, culinary skill-building activities, and reflections on food and environmental justice that invigorate and nurture young minds and bodies in supportive spaces.

Activities will be guided by a thoughtfully planned curriculum taught by mentors and volunteers.

Mission: Herban Garden is a community space that nurtures and inspires youth through food cultivation.


  • Sustainable Communities
  • Healthy Minds and Bodies
  • Self-sufficiency and leadership
  • Environmentalism


To create and inspire the next generation of gardeners, farmers, social entrepreneurs, and community activists.

Interested? Here's how to learn more:

To volunteer with Herban Garden, please fill out our volunteer recruitment form here.

If you are interested in coming to one of our workdays, go to the calendar and click on "more info" under the workday you are interested in volunteering for. This will direct you to a page with a link to a sign up form.

For more information about Herban Garden, email herban@nchopegardens.org or send your questions and comments to us in the form below.

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Bronwyn Fadem, a senior at UNC, is a Biology major interested in health and nutrition. She joined Hope Gardens in the Spring of 2015 as co-founder of Herban Garden. Bronwyn is currently learning the art of beekeeping and dreams of opening a community supported farm-to-table restaurant one day.

Kendra Meyer, a second-year at UNC, is majoring in Media Studies and Production with a minor in Social and Economic Justice. She was embraced as a member of the Herban Garden team in the fall of 2015. She is interested in local food, social justice, public art, and professional cycling. She hopes to work with non-profit organizations in the future.

Giszell Weather is a senior at UNC majoring in Anthropology. The Herban Garden was birthed from her interest in the connections between land, food, and the African American community. Since May of 2015, she and Bronwyn Fadem have been crafting the vision for Herban Garden as a means to locally support the larger food and environmental justice movements. Giszell was born to be on stage - one of her dreams is to become a contemporary ballet dancer, fusing together classical pointe and hip-hop!

Chloe Brown is a senior transfer student majoring in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Medical Anthropology. She is also a DJ at the on-campus radio station WXYC. Having a lifelong interest in health and plants, she became involved with Herban Garden in October of 2015. Chloe hopes to one day practice integrative medicine and continue to serve causes for social justice.