Giszell Weather


Giszell is a senior majoring in Anthropology. She was raised by the beaches of Virginia, but currently resides in the Bull City. She does a lot of work around urban farming, community development, and structural racism in the food system. After she graduates, she looks forward to a long stretch of liberation on her homestead with three horses, five chickens, two Great Danes, a greenhouse, and a dance studio. In addition to making productive noise with Hope Gardens, she loves watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (she's a Fire Nation fan), hanging out at the Eno River State Park, and globetrotting with her mom. 

Nick McKenzie


Nick is a sophomore and majors in Biology, with minors in Chemistry and Mathematics. As an Orlando, FL native, he loves to swim, hike, and go for runs. He has lived on a sailboat for a few months and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro this past July. He got involved with Hope Gardens through his connection with CEF (The Community Empowerment Fund), in addition to his affinity for physical labor. After graduating, he hopes to work with health care equity in rural Florida. 

Haley Stone


Haley is a junior and majors in Biology, with minors in Chemistry and Medicine, and in Literature and Culture.  She is a pre-med student from Tampa, FL. In addition to Hope Gardens, she is also involved with the Carolina Swing Dance Club. In her free time, she enjoys baking, eating the stuff she bakes, spending time with friends, and watching Tarantino movies. 

Shirley Pu


Shirley is a sophomore majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She loves the natural beauty of North Carolina, and enjoys spending time at the both the beach and the mountains, as well as in her hometown, Winston-Salem. She also likes to paint and read in her spare time. Alongside her work in Hope Gardens, Shirley tutors through Refugee Support Center and volunteers with TABLE, a local nonprofit that provides food to hungry children in the Chapel Hill - Carrboro area. In the future, she'd like to continue working to address community food access. 

Agatha Almunlr

Agatha is a sophomore majoring in Global Studies with a minor in Chemistry. Alongside her interests in healthcare and social justice, she enjoy traveling, watching movies, and reading different comedians' memoirs/autobiographies. Her hope after graduation is to continue being involved in community service to address food access issues and healthcare disparities.  She is also an office assistant at the Student Union.

Rachel Augustine

Rachel is a first-year at UNC,  with majors in Mathematical Decision Sciences and Peace, War, and Defense. She enjoys just about anything academic, thanks in part to her parents' love of learning. In her free time she cooks, hangs out with her suitemates, and watches her favorite show, Sherlock. In addition to her involvement with Hope Gardens, Rachel is also a Representative for Student Congress. 

Cassidy Hampton

Cassidy is a sophomore and majors in Economics and the Environmental Studies Sustainability Track. She considers herself probably the only odd Floridian who doesn't like seafood or orange juice. In her free time, she loves to explore and go hiking. She is also a compost nerd and is counting down the days until she gets to see a platypus in real life. After graduation, she hopes to work with businesses to implement sustainable practices throughout their supply chains. 

Eryn Upton

Eryn is a sophomore and majors in Business and Peace, War, and Defense. She's lived in Florida and Texas and has lived in North Carolina for six years. She loves exploring places to eat, hiking during the summer, and drinking coffee at inopportune times (she cites 3am as being an example of such). She is also involved with A Drink for Tomorrow, which attempts to address water access in local and international communities. 

Steve Wood

Steve is a sophomore majoring in Business and minoring in Sustainability. He is a creative person with a love for the outdoors and for sustainability. He grew up hiking and camping with his family, and he loves spending time backpacking in the mountains. Because of his love for the outdoors, he has become a passionate advocate for the environment and sustainability, and he hopes to use his business and sustainability education to expand renewable energy in the United States. Additionally, as a Nashville native, he is a huge music fan – he plays guitar, records rock music, and loves going to shows and festivals.  

Sierra Dunne

Sierra is a sophomore, majoring in Communication and Southern Studies with a minor in Social & Economic Justice. Her academic interests include agriculture and food access issues in the American South, but she also loves to grow, make, and eat food in her free time. She's a former chair of Hope Gardens, and is currently a leader at the Jackson Center.  The greatest loves of her life are her six cats, who are basically her children.

Laurel Cunningham

Laurel is a sophomore completing a Global Studies major with a minor in Chinese. In addition to Hope Gardens, she is also involved with Enrich ELL, writes for the Campus Y's blog, The Arc, and is a member of the Kappa Delta sorority. She's from Nashville, TN, and because of this, she loves live music. She also loves to read and cook, Korean bibimbap is her heart song, and she's pretty much always wearing blue jeans. In the long term, she's interested in refugee studies and immigration. 

Eileen Harvey

Eileen is a senior, completing a Global Studies major with minors in Chinese and Urban Studies & Planning. In the quest for dirt and friendship, she joined Hope Gardens in Fall 2014 and has been involved ever since. Eileen loves coffee, cartoons, and podcasts. Her dream is to one day own a dog that carries its own backpack. In addition to Hope Gardens, she is involved with Pi Sigma Phi, a gender-inclusive honors fraternity. 

Kristen Wagner

Kristen is a sophomore with an Environmental Science major and Biology minor.  She has been involved with Hope Gardens since the Fall of 2015. As an East Coast North Carolinian, she has a love for the vast expanses of Atlantic Ocean that give her hometown the salt in its air. She loves her Hope Gardens family and the work that Hope Gardens does in the Chapel Hill community. In the long term, she hopes to be a part of this country's current renewable energy transition.