Hope Gardens creates a community space that fosters relationships, educates the community, and addresses barriers to food access through shared efforts in sustainable agriculture.

what is hope gardens?

Hope Gardens is a completely student-run nonprofit organization that seeks to bridge the gap between UNC and the broader community on issues of food access and food security.


We strive to educate participants about gardening, raise awareness about food insecurity and the ways we can combat it, increase access to fresh produce, and catalyze transitions to healthy lifestyles in the Chapel Hill - Carrboro area.

If the land of the free was free for you and me as it so claims to be, peace would be found, food would abound, and hunger would make not a sound. We’d rise with the sun and sleep with the moon, earth in our hearts and rain in our veins. Let us plant a seed and we can be freed, so we once again know how it feels to grow.
— Anonymous